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China Professional Customized Axle CNC Hydraulic Pump Motor DC Shaft/Cardan Shaft

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Our advantage:

*Specialization in CNC formulations of high precision and quality
*Independent quality control department
*Control plan and process flow sheet for each batch
*Quality control in all whole production
*Meeting demands even for very small quantities or single units
*Short delivery times
*Online orders and production progress monitoring
*Excellent price-quality ratio
*Absolute confidentiality
*Various materials (stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, titanium, special steels, industrial plastics)
*Manufacturing of complex components of 1 – 1000mm.

Production machine:

Inspection equipment :



Material: Carbon Steel
Load: Drive Shaft
Stiffness & Flexibility: Stiffness / Rigid Axle
Journal Diameter Dimensional Accuracy: IT01-IT5
Axis Shape: Straight Shaft
Shaft Shape: Real Axis


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cardan shaft

Are there any limitations or disadvantages associated with cardan shaft systems?

While cardan shaft systems offer numerous advantages, they also have some limitations and disadvantages that should be considered. Let’s explore these limitations in detail:

1. Angular Misalignment:

– Cardan shafts are designed to accommodate angular misalignment between the driving and driven components. However, excessive misalignment can lead to increased wear, vibration, and decreased efficiency. If the misalignment exceeds the recommended limits, it can put additional stress on the universal joints and other components, reducing the lifespan of the shaft and potentially causing mechanical failures.

2. Noise and Vibration:

– Cardan shaft systems can introduce noise and vibration into the equipment or vehicle. The universal joints and slip yokes in the shaft assembly can generate vibrations as they rotate, especially at high speeds. These vibrations can contribute to increased noise levels, potentially causing discomfort for passengers or affecting the performance of sensitive equipment. Proper balancing and maintenance of the shaft can help mitigate these effects, but they may still be present to some extent.

3. Maintenance and Lubrication:

– Cardan shaft systems require regular maintenance and lubrication to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The universal joints and slip yokes need to be properly lubricated to minimize friction and wear. If maintenance is neglected, the joints can wear out quickly, leading to increased vibration, noise, and potential failure. Regular inspections and lubrication are necessary to maintain the efficiency and reliability of cardan shaft systems.

4. Limited Flexibility in High-Speed Applications:

– Cardan shafts have limitations when it comes to high-speed applications. At high rotational speeds, the centrifugal forces acting on the rotating components can cause significant stress on the shaft and universal joints. This can result in increased wear, reduced lifespan, and potential failure. In such cases, alternative power transmission systems such as constant-velocity (CV) joints or direct drives may be more suitable.

5. Space and Weight Constraints:

– Cardan shaft systems require sufficient space for installation due to their length and telescopic design. In applications with limited space constraints, it may be challenging to accommodate the full length of the shaft, or modifications may be necessary to ensure proper fit. Additionally, the weight of the shaft can be a consideration, especially in applications where weight reduction is crucial. In such cases, alternative lightweight materials or drive systems may be more appropriate.

6. Cost:

– Cardan shaft systems can be relatively costly compared to other power transmission options. The complexity of their design, the need for customization, and the use of multiple components contribute to higher manufacturing and installation costs. However, it’s important to consider the overall benefits and performance of cardan shaft systems when evaluating their cost-effectiveness for specific applications.

7. Limited Misalignment Compensation:

– While cardan shafts can accommodate angular misalignment, they have limitations when it comes to compensating for other types of misalignment, such as parallel offset or axial displacement. In applications that require significant compensation for these types of misalignment, alternative power transmission systems with more advanced flexibility, such as flexible couplings or CV joints, may be more suitable.

Despite these limitations, cardan shaft systems remain widely used and offer numerous advantages in various applications. By understanding these limitations and considering the specific requirements of the application, engineers can make informed decisions regarding the suitability of cardan shaft systems or explore alternative power transmission options.

cardan shaft

How do cardan shafts handle variations in load, speed, and misalignment during operation?

Cardan shafts are designed to handle variations in load, speed, and misalignment during operation. They incorporate specific features and mechanisms to accommodate these factors and ensure efficient power transmission. Let’s explore how cardan shafts handle these variations:

1. Load Variation:

– Cardan shafts are designed to transmit torque and handle variations in load. The torque capacity of the shaft is determined based on the application’s requirements, and the shaft is manufactured using materials and dimensions that can withstand the specified loads. The design and construction of the shaft, including the selection of universal joints and slip yokes, are optimized to handle the anticipated loads. By choosing appropriate material strengths and dimensions, cardan shafts can effectively transmit varying loads without failure or excessive deflection.

2. Speed Variation:

– Cardan shafts can accommodate variations in rotational speed between the driving and driven components. The universal joints, which connect the shaft’s segments, allow for angular movement, thereby compensating for speed differences. The design of the universal joints and the use of needle bearings or roller bearings enable smooth rotation and efficient power transmission even at varying speeds. However, it’s important to note that excessively high speeds can introduce additional challenges such as increased vibration and wear, which may require additional measures such as balancing and lubrication.

3. Misalignment Compensation:

– Cardan shafts are specifically designed to handle misalignment between the driving and driven components. They can accommodate angular misalignment, parallel offset, and axial displacement to a certain extent. The universal joints in the shaft assembly allow for flexibility and articulation, enabling the shaft to transmit torque even when the components are not perfectly aligned. The design of the universal joints, along with their bearing arrangements and seals, allows for smooth rotation and compensation of misalignment. Manufacturers specify the maximum allowable misalignment angles and displacements for cardan shafts, and exceeding these limits can lead to increased wear, vibration, and reduced efficiency.

4. Telescopic Design:

– Cardan shafts often feature a telescopic design, which allows for axial movement and adjustment to accommodate variations in distance between the driving and driven components. This telescopic design enables the shaft to handle changes in length during operation, such as when the vehicle or equipment undergoes suspension movement or when the drivetrain components experience positional changes. The telescopic mechanism ensures that the shaft remains properly connected and engaged, maintaining power transmission efficiency even when there are fluctuations in distance or position.

5. Regular Maintenance:

– To ensure optimal performance and longevity, cardan shafts require regular maintenance. This includes inspections, lubrication of universal joints and slip yokes, and monitoring for wear or damage. Regular maintenance helps identify and address any issues related to load, speed, or misalignment variations, ensuring that the shaft continues to function effectively under changing operating conditions.

Overall, cardan shafts handle variations in load, speed, and misalignment through their design features such as universal joints, telescopic design, and flexibility. By incorporating these elements, along with proper material selection, lubrication, and maintenance practices, cardan shafts can reliably transmit torque and accommodate the changing operating conditions in vehicles and equipment.

cardan shaft

What is a cardan shaft and how does it function in vehicles and machinery?

A cardan shaft, also known as a propeller shaft or drive shaft, is a mechanical component used in vehicles and machinery to transmit torque and rotational power between two points that are not in line with each other. It consists of a tubular shaft with universal joints at each end, allowing for flexibility and accommodating misalignment between the driving and driven components. The cardan shaft plays a crucial role in transferring power from the engine or power source to the wheels or driven machinery. Here’s how it functions in vehicles and machinery:

1. Torque Transmission:

– In vehicles, the cardan shaft connects the transmission or gearbox to the differential, which then distributes torque to the wheels. When the engine generates rotational power, it is transmitted through the transmission to the cardan shaft. The universal joints at each end of the shaft allow for angular misalignment and compensate for variations in the suspension, axle movement, and road conditions. As the cardan shaft rotates, it transfers torque from the transmission to the differential, enabling power delivery to the wheels.

– In machinery, the cardan shaft serves a similar purpose of transmitting torque between the power source and driven components. For example, in agricultural equipment, the cardan shaft connects the tractor’s PTO (Power Take-Off) to various implements such as mowers, balers, or tillers. The rotational power from the tractor’s engine is transferred through the PTO driveline to the cardan shaft, which then transmits the torque to the driven machinery, enabling their operation.

2. Flexibility and Compensation:

– The cardan shaft’s design with universal joints provides flexibility and compensates for misalignment between the driving and driven components. The universal joints allow the shaft to bend and articulate while maintaining a continuous torque transmission. This flexibility is essential in vehicles and machinery where the driving and driven components may be at different angles or positions due to suspension movement, axle articulation, or uneven terrain. The cardan shaft absorbs these variations and ensures smooth power delivery without causing excessive stress or vibration.

3. Balancing and Vibration Control:

– Cardan shafts also contribute to balancing and vibration control in vehicles and machinery. The rotation of the shaft generates centrifugal forces, and any imbalance can result in vibration and reduced performance. To counterbalance this, cardan shafts are carefully designed and balanced to minimize vibration and provide smooth operation. Additionally, the universal joints help in absorbing minor vibrations and reducing their transmission to the vehicle or machinery.

4. Length Adjustment:

– Cardan shafts offer the advantage of adjustable length, allowing for variations in the distance between the driving and driven components. This adjustability is particularly useful in vehicles and machinery with adjustable wheelbases or variable attachment points. By adjusting the length of the cardan shaft, the driveline can be appropriately sized and positioned to accommodate different configurations, ensuring optimal power transmission efficiency.

5. Safety Features:

– Cardan shafts in vehicles and machinery often incorporate safety features to protect against mechanical failures. These may include shielding or guards to prevent contact with rotating components, such as the driveshaft or universal joints. In the event of a joint failure or excessive force, some cardan shafts may also incorporate shear pins or torque limiters to prevent damage to the driveline and protect other components from excessive loads.

In summary, a cardan shaft is a tubular component with universal joints at each end used to transmit torque and rotational power between non-aligned driving and driven components. It provides flexibility, compensates for misalignment, and enables torque transmission in vehicles and machinery. By efficiently transferring power, accommodating variations, and balancing vibrations, cardan shafts play a critical role in ensuring smooth and reliable operation in a wide range of applications.

China Professional Customized Axle CNC Hydraulic Pump Motor DC Shaft/Cardan Shaft  China Professional Customized Axle CNC Hydraulic Pump Motor DC Shaft/Cardan Shaft
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China best HPV140 hydraulic pump drive shaft for PC360-7 with Free Design Custom

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Relevant Industries: Constructing Materials Shops, Equipment Repair Shops, Producing Plant, Retail, Construction works , Power & Mining
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Online video outgoing-inspection: Provided
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Warranty: Unavailable
Component name: drive shaft
Product: PC360-7
Supply time: 3-5 days
Top quality: OEM Standard
Packing: Carton Box
Type: HPV140
Packaging Particulars: HPV140 hydraulic pump drive shaft for PC360-7 is packed by standaed carton situation.
Port: HangZhou HangZhou ZheJiang

HPV140 hydraulic pump push shaft for PC360-7 HPV140 hydraulic pump travel shaft for PC360-seven Product NameHPV140 hydraulic pump generate shaft for PC360-7ModelPC360-7TypeHPV140 In depth Photographs HPV140 hydraulic pump travel shaft for PC360-7 HPV140 hydraulic pump travel shaft for PC360-seven Size Info HPV140 hydraulic pump push shaft for PC360-7 HPV140 hydraulic pump generate shaft for PC360-seven Length(mm)Width(mm)Highly(mm)Bodyweight(KG)3003003007 Related Merchandise HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n has much more than a thousand square meters for inventory, typically utilised spare components have inventory, and can give hydraulic areas: hydraulic pump swing motor travel motor principal control valve joystick controller travel pedal valve cylinder block piston shoe set plate swash plate regulator shaft independent plate friction plate for CZPT DH130 DH220 DH225-7 DH300-7 DH370 DH420 DH500 DX225 DX260 DX380 HYUNDAI R215-7 R305 R335 R385 CZPT SK135 SK250 SK350 SK450 CZPT SY215 SY285 CZPT EC210 EC240 EC360 EC380 EC250D EC460 EC480 SUMITOMO SH240 SH350 SH360 Caterpillar CAT320C CAT320D CAT330 CASE240 CZPT PC200-7 PC60-7 PC220-7 CZPT ZX330 ZX450.
HPV140 hydraulic pump drive shaft for PC360-7 Packing&Shipping and delivery Packing Details: Assembly parts are packed in regular export cases Portion spares are packed in cartons or plastic, New Type Nmrv mini Manual 1 30 ratio gearbox vehicle gear transmission Worm Gear Gearbox and according to the measurement of the orders to be packed in wooden situations, large carton of export common.
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A: Full get: thirty% as deposit, the harmony just before shipment:
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Q: Can I Mark My Very own Model On The Pump? A: Indeed. Full buy can mark your brand name and code.
Q: How Extended Is Guarantee? A: We give 1 year guarantee.
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Driveshaft structure and vibrations related with it

The composition of the push shaft is essential to its efficiency and trustworthiness. Push shafts usually have claw couplings, rag joints and universal joints. Other travel shafts have prismatic or splined joints. Understand about the distinct kinds of drive shafts and how they operate. If you want to know the vibrations related with them, read through on. But first, let us determine what a driveshaft is.

transmission shaft

As the demand on our autos proceeds to boost, so does the need on our generate techniques. Greater CO2 emission requirements and stricter emission standards increase the pressure on the push technique even though bettering comfort and ease and shortening the turning radius. These and other adverse consequences can spot substantial pressure and dress in on parts, which can lead to driveshaft failure and increase automobile security hazards. For that reason, the drive shaft must be inspected and changed often.
Based on your product, you could only require to change 1 driveshaft. Even so, the price to change each driveshafts ranges from $650 to $1850. Additionally, you may incur labor fees ranging from $140 to $250. The labor value will rely on your automobile product and its drivetrain kind. In general, even so, the expense of replacing a driveshaft ranges from $470 to $1850.
Regionally, the automotive driveshaft marketplace can be divided into four significant markets: North The usa, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the Planet. North The usa is anticipated to dominate the marketplace, while Europe and Asia Pacific are predicted to grow the swiftest. Additionally, the market place is envisioned to develop at the optimum price in the potential, driven by financial growth in the Asia Pacific area. Furthermore, most of the cars marketed globally are made in these areas.
The most critical feature of the driveshaft is to transfer the electricity of the engine to helpful function. Generate shafts are also identified as propeller shafts and cardan shafts. In a car, a propshaft transfers torque from the motor, transmission, and differential to the entrance or rear wheels, or equally. Because of to the complexity of driveshaft assemblies, they are critical to automobile basic safety. In addition to transmitting torque from the engine, they need to also compensate for deflection, angular modifications and duration changes.


Distinct types of generate shafts incorporate helical shafts, equipment shafts, worm shafts, planetary shafts and synchronous shafts. Radial protruding pins on the head provide a rotationally secure relationship. At least one bearing has a groove extending along its circumferential length that allows the pin to go via the bearing. There can also be two flanges on each and every end of the shaft. Depending on the software, the shaft can be mounted in the most practical spot to operate.
Propeller shafts are normally manufactured of high-good quality metal with high particular strength and modulus. However, they can also be created from superior composite supplies this kind of as carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. Yet another sort of propeller shaft is manufactured of thermoplastic polyamide, which is rigid and has a substantial power-to-excess weight ratio. Equally push shafts and screw shafts are employed to travel automobiles, ships and bikes.
Sliding and tubular yokes are common elements of drive shafts. By style, their angles must be equal or intersect to give the correct angle of operation. Except if the doing work angles are equivalent, the shaft vibrates 2 times for each revolution, leading to torsional vibrations. The ideal way to avoid this is to make sure the two yokes are properly aligned. Crucially, these elements have the very same working angle to ensure clean energy movement.
The kind of travel shaft differs according to the kind of motor. Some are geared, whilst others are non-geared. In some cases, the push shaft is fastened and the motor can rotate and steer. Alternatively, a versatile shaft can be utilized to manage the speed and route of the travel. In some purposes in which linear power transmission is not attainable, flexible shafts are a valuable choice. For case in point, versatile shafts can be utilised in moveable units.

set up

The design of the push shaft has many benefits over bare metallic. A shaft that is flexible in a number of directions is less difficult to preserve than a shaft that is rigid in other instructions. The shaft human body and coupling flange can be manufactured of distinct supplies, and the flange can be manufactured of a various substance than the principal shaft entire body. For example, the coupling flange can be manufactured of metal. The primary shaft physique is if possible flared on at minimum a single end, and the at least one particular coupling flange contains a very first typically frustoconical projection extending into the flared conclude of the primary shaft entire body.
The regular stiffness of fiber-primarily based shafts is achieved by the orientation of parallel fibers alongside the duration of the shaft. Nevertheless, the bending stiffness of this shaft is decreased because of to the modify in fiber orientation. Because the fibers keep on to vacation in the identical route from the initial stop to the next finish, the reinforcement that raises the torsional stiffness of the shaft is not impacted. In contrast, a fiber-primarily based shaft is also adaptable simply because it uses ribs that are roughly ninety degrees from the centerline of the shaft.
In addition to the helical ribs, the drive shaft one hundred may also have reinforcing aspects. These reinforcing factors maintain the structural integrity of the shaft. These reinforcing aspects are named helical ribs. They have ribs on equally the outer and internal surfaces. This is to prevent shaft breakage. These aspects can also be formed to be versatile adequate to accommodate some of the forces produced by the drive. Shafts can be created using these methods and made into worm-like drive shafts.


The most widespread trigger of drive shaft vibration is incorrect set up. There are 5 common varieties of driveshaft vibration, each associated to installation parameters. To stop this from occurring, you should understand what leads to these vibrations and how to fix them. The most typical varieties of vibration are outlined underneath. This post describes some frequent generate shaft vibration answers. It might also be useful to consider the suggestions of a professional vibration technician for travel shaft vibration manage.
If you might be not confident if the problem is the driveshaft or the engine, consider turning on the stereo. Thicker carpet kits can also mask vibrations. Nonetheless, you ought to make contact with an expert as before long as attainable. If vibration persists following vibration-relevant repairs, the driveshaft requirements to be replaced. If the driveshaft is nonetheless under warranty, you can repair it oneself.
CV joints are the most typical lead to of 3rd-buy driveshaft vibration. If they are binding or are unsuccessful, they want to be replaced. Alternatively, your CV joints might just be misaligned. If it is loose, you can check out the CV connector. Yet another typical lead to of drive shaft vibration is inappropriate assembly. Incorrect alignment of the yokes on each ends of the shaft can result in them to vibrate.
Incorrect trim top can also lead to driveshaft vibration. Proper trim height is needed to stop push shaft wobble. No matter whether your motor vehicle is new or old, you can complete some fundamental fixes to minimize issues. One of these remedies entails balancing the push shaft. Very first, use the hose clamps to connect the weights to it. Subsequent, connect an ounce of bodyweight to it and spin it. By doing this, you decrease the frequency of vibration.


The worldwide driveshaft market is envisioned to exceed (xxx) million USD by 2028, growing at a compound yearly development price (CAGR) of XX%. Its soaring growth can be attributed to numerous aspects, which includes increasing urbanization and R&D investments by top marketplace players. The report also contains an in-depth investigation of key market developments and their effect on the industry. Moreover, the report offers a complete regional examination of the Driveshaft Industry.
The value of replacing the push shaft is dependent on the variety of restore required and the cause of the failure. Common fix fees variety from $300 to $750. Rear-wheel drive automobiles generally expense much more. But front-wheel drive autos price considerably less than 4-wheel drive vehicles. You may possibly also choose to consider restoring the driveshaft your self. Nevertheless, it is important to do your investigation and make certain you have the required equipment and tools to perform the occupation properly.
The report also covers the competitive landscape of the Travel Shafts marketplace. It contains graphical representations, comprehensive data, management insurance policies, and governance factors. In addition, it involves a thorough expense analysis. Moreover, the report offers sights on the COVID-19 market and future developments. The report also offers valuable details to assist you decide how to contend in your business. When you buy a report like this, you are including trustworthiness to your perform.
A quality driveshaft can improve your match by making sure distance from the tee and bettering responsiveness. The new material in the shaft development is lighter, more robust and far more responsive than at any time just before, so it is turning out to be a essential element of the driver. And there are a assortment of alternatives to go well with any budget. The primary element to think about when buying a shaft is its top quality. Nonetheless, it truly is crucial to be aware that good quality does not arrive cheap and you must often choose an axle based mostly on what your price range can take care of.

China best HPV140 hydraulic pump drive shaft for PC360-7  with Cost-free Style CustomChina best HPV140 hydraulic pump drive shaft for PC360-7  with Free Layout Custom